Fabrication of titanium alloys, which exhibit similar elastic modulus to human bone

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The failure of implant surgery has been concerned by innumerable researchers for a long period of time. On account of the large difference of elastic modulus between implant materials and bone, a variety of materials have been utilized in order to fulfil this limitation. However, the most suitable material is still being investigated. This research focused on diverse procedures to fabricate titanium alloys, which exhibit similar elastic modulus to human bone, including alloying elements addition along with mechanical and thermal treatments under created conditions. Besides the materials fabrication, all specimens were also characterised by a wide range of advance materials testing instruments to evaluate their properties and biocompatibility. Latterly, the stated materials are successfully fabricated by the combination of Titanium, Niobium, Tantalum, Zirconium and Oxygen under the appropriate conditions in laboratory. The result of testing showed that this material has great mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Additionally, the invented materials qualified ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity test. Therefore, it is ready for animal test, clinical test and large scale production.

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Asst.Prof.Dr. Anak Khantachawana

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