With the current trend of the increasing life expectancy and decreasing birth rate, the impacts of ageing society on our everyday life are inevitable. Great interests have been paid to develop technologies for assisting the elderly population. However, in ageing society, it is not only that we need better care and treatment to maintain the quality of life of elderly population but also need better ways to strengthen the development of our children. These children will grow and become the country’s crucial workforce. These children will work not only to support themselves but also to support the elders. 

Despite of the importance of child development in ageing society, some of our children population are suffered from Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which is one of neurological conditions in developmental disorders. In this work, we developed an automatic mobile robot to assist learning development in intellectual and social aspects for autistic children. With collaborations from pediatricians and autism specialists in Ramathibodi Hospital and Rajanukul Institute, we explore the use of robot in autism therapy and continually improve the robot-assisted therapy.


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Asst.Prof.Dr. Boonserm Kaewkamnerdpong



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